We’re sooooo glad you asked!

Here’s why:

Immediate email response is a powerful (but relatively unknown) way to get future tenants interested in your apartment.

Picture this scenario:

Future tenant Joe sees your apartment listing—along with 100 others. He’s interested—in a lot of them. So, he plays the numbers game and sends out a bunch of emails.

And waits for a response.

And waits.


Your response comes.

Of course, Joe is very interested. He needs a new place to live—and soon. Joe decides to send a follow-up. Joe wants to see the place.

Now Check This Out:

There are ten other people just. like. Joe.

And, they all get immediate email responses.

And, they all want to see your place.

Now, you have a long line of people waiting outside your apartment. They want in!

Bing, Bang, Boom

 You now see how powerful immediate email response is. Implement it in your apartment renting strategy for a “bing, bang, boom” result that gets your apartment rented fast.

 Help If You Need It

If you need some help, eLeasing solutions will be there for you. We offer immediate response emails services 7 days a week to ensure that you never miss out on a potential renter. Our trained sales representatives know how to answer any and all questions renters have. They’ll do what it takes to put your apartment in a position where people want to see—and eventually rent—it.