Vacation rentals are such a great way to enjoy time off. They give you the freedom to relax as close or far away from others as you would like to be. In addition, they provide you with comforts and amenities that no hotel—or even your own home—can. Here are three great tips that will help you choose the perfect vacation rental:

Tip 1- Use Reviews to Narrow Down Your Choices

 Reviews are invaluable—and using them is simple. First, read all reviews carefully. If they’re negative, eliminate the rental. If they’re positive, read them to find out why. A rental with multiple positive reviews should definitely be considered.

Tip 2- Use Photos to Help You Create a Mental Image of the Total Package

 Obviously, photos can’t show you everything. But, they can—and should be used—to allow you to create a mental image of the total package looks like. If you carefully inspect each and every picture, you’re ensured you won’t be in for any surprises when you arrive.

Tip 3- Use a Map to Find Out Exactly Where the Rental Is

 Maps are more available than ever. Use them to make sure you know exactly where a rental you’re interested in is located. If a rental is in a location you like, consider renting it.

Use reviews, photos, and a map to find out everything you need to know about vacation rentals. When you’ve found something that checks out……BINGO, you’ve found the perfect vacation rental. You can rest easy and look forward to some rest and relaxation.