When you’re preparing your home for rentals, you may need to make some larger purchases that would hurt you a little bit inside if they got damaged or didn’t last as long as you would’ve liked. Sofas are one of these expenses and if you go for a slightly nicer sofa, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.


Cotton is a great choice for rentals in that it is washable and as long as it is preshrunk, you don’t need to worry about shrinkage. For how lightweight cotton is the material is surprisingly durable and will even absorb most moisture you end up spilling on the sofa without the color bleeding through to the sofa itself. As a bonus, there are plenty of different patterns and colors available to match any home.


Twill isn’t so much a unique fabric, it’s the way the material is woven that makes it unique.Usually constructed from pure cotton or a cotton-polyester blend (both materials described here), the diagonal woven pattern is what differentiates twill. The way the material is woven provides a lightweight and durable material that can be washed and put up with a lot of use. The best benefit of the pattern is it prevents wrinkles surprisingly well so you have a good looking sofa at all times.


Microfiber is soft to the touch synthetic fabric that looks a lot like suede. The material is thicker than the other options here with the construction from polyester or a polyester blend. Given the extra thickness, the protection the cover provides is impressive and the bonus is the moisture wicking properties. Darn your red wine!


Appreciate spandex and lycra leggings? Well, stretch is a fabric that has either of these two materials blended into it, you guessed it, provide more stretch. The hardest part buying this kind of couch cover is getting one to fit your sofa but you can always go a little bit bigger to be on the safe side. In all truth, though, this isn’t likely to be the best material for a rental as it’s not as durable as options here.


Linen is the classic look of a sofa and if you have a slightly higher rental price than competitors the crisis, the clean look could be beneficial to help give your chair the formal look. Linen does require dry-cleaning to remove stains which are annoying and it will start to lose it’s class as the material loosens up after each wash so it’s not eh best if you’re having children in your rental regularly.

If you find yourself nervous about people mistreating the sofa or you simply want it taken care of, consider getting a slip cover for the sofa. No one renting your home will judge you, yet you get the piece of mind it’s not likely to get damaged on day one.

The cost of these materials will vary a lot, but a quick look in a shop with further advice from an interior professional will lead you to a quick solution.