Roommates can be a nightmare or a dream come true.

Whenever you move into a new apartment (especially if you have never met the roommate before) things can be a little bit tense and certain proclivities that you or your roommate(s) have can easily create friction between you.

While we aren’t going to dive into the nitty gritty in this article about how you can find the best roommate for your new apartment, we are going to detail some of the best ways that you can keep a strong and healthy relationship with your new roommates so that everyone is happy and you can live a harmonious and enjoyable life.

Rule 1: Cut to the Chase

No one likes someone who beats around the bush and is ambiguous about their wants and needs whenever you first start a relationship.

Being a good roommate is no different.

Whenever you move in, have a heart to heart conversation with your roommate about what you expect, what the ground rules are, and what both parties can do to make the time spent together as easy going as possible.

2. Address Issues in their Infancy

One of the biggest mistakes I see many new roomies making is that they do not address issues until things have gotten really out of hand.

While it may seem a little pedantic and childish to talk with your roommate about leaving their one coffee mug in the sink, it is setting a precedent for things later down the line.

If something bothers you, address it immediately and don’t wait until things are out of control.