Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials :

 eLeasing Solutions has been a great supplement to our reservations call center. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff services our overflow and after hours calls, and has increased our top line revenue through their great salesmanship and customer service. I recommend ELS to anyone who is looking to increase their availability and exposure.

Chris Rudolf, Reservations Manager- Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, Breckenridge


Since using eLeasing Solutions, it has allowed us to concentrate on other areas of our business by saving us the time and energy of responding to all of the online emails on a daily basis.  In addition, they have increased occupancy and revenue by providing the attention and prompt replies needed for our online business.

Krista Rider, Owner – Paragon Lodging, Breckenridge Colorado


Most major property management companies are utilizing the world wide web in leasing generation efforts. The challenge is in utilizing and taking advantage of these resources in everyday on site operations..Basically, it’s a training issue.  Focus needs to be placed in the value of the internet lead and how to best respond to that lead to maximize leasing efforts. eLeasing Solutions has found its niche by providing a service that will assist management companies respond in a professional, personal manner to every internet lead received at their communities.

Lori Snider, National Educator, Marketing Consultant, Creativity for Rent


We love eLeasing. We have such a busy office and it makes our jobs so much easier.


Stephanie Scott CAM

Community Manager

Creekside at St. Matthews


eLeasing Solutions has changed the way we do business at TCRS!  As a Regional Marketing Director, eLeasing allows me to direct my efforts in a more focused manner.  We have seen our closing ratios raise in direct proportion to the efforts of  the entire team at Eleasing.  Thanks, eLeasing….and, keep those leads coming!!!

Karen Katz

Regional Marketing Director

Trammell Crow Residential Services


I just wanted to say thanks to eLeasing Solutions for making communication between our office staff and our future residents so much better by letting us know who has viewed our property, and in helping us respond to their questions in a timely manner. With all the helpful information ELS provides, I get to know our prospects before I even talk or e-mail them. I also then can evaluate their needs and wants. ELS saves time, and prints out a record of my e-mails in response to the prospects so I know and remember what I have discussed with them. It’s just Great! I would also like to thank Tina for everything she has done to guide me through the easy process in getting started with ELS, without you and ELS I wouldn’t have so many of the wonderful residents I do today. Thank you!

Shayna @ Sagebrook Apts. In Colorado Springs – Baron Property Services


Wow! Way to go e Leasing Solutions!!! 🙂

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support that we have received from you and e Leasing Solutions.

Park Haywood is now 100% occupied….and e Leasing Solutions helped!

The web-site is sooo user friendly…..everything is right there……..we can even e-mail our prospects from the site!  This has saved us time and we really needed that.





Nikki Powers

Support Manager

Park Haywood

Mid-America Apartment Communities


eLeasing Solutions makes Internet management and communications so easy for us, we can concentrate on other things and feel secure our e-mail inquiries are being answered in a timely fashion. Now that we have the service, it’s difficult to imagine how we lived without it.  The service is incredibly proactive.  Five minutes on the phone with an eLS Associate or a simple e-mail and any and all questions are answered.  If they see an area that needs to get up to speed, they let us know.  If a leasing company is not working with eLeasing Solutions, they are losing business.  We don’t have to spend time answering individual e-mails or waste time chasing leads where we may not be the right answer for a prospective client.  It helps us, it helps our clients, and it provides instant results.

Sherri Pe’a, Conifer Creek Apartment Homes, Denver, CO


eLeasing Solutions has proven to be an invaluable tool for us. This experience has provided us an overview of our strengths and areas of improvement in our e-mail follow-up programs. It has allowed us to capitalize on our internet advertising and maximize the value of incoming internet leads, by insuring there are no missed inquiries. With a prompt, personalized e-mail response with updated information, eLeasing Solutions has proven to be a useful time management tool which benefits our level of customer service and bottom line. With several leases in less than a month, we look forward to the possibilities and added value from more leads to leases.

Monica M. Stone

Director of Marketing

Trammell Crow Residential Services


Apartment Seeker Testimonials :

Next year, around October/November, my husband and I are moving from Ohio, back to Colorado and we want to move into one of your two bedroom apartments. So far, I have been very, very impressed the way you contact people almost immediately upon an email being sent to you. That’s good service! And….you don’t see good service too much these days!


WOW, I have never received this much great information in such short notice. Great customer service! I have made my appointment for 8/18 at 10:15 am. I am interested in the Peach Tree DUAL Master Bedrooms and covered parking.

I will see you on Saturday.

Thank you,



I am very impressed that you took the time to reply at all, not to mention, so quickly.  I have contacted other apartment homes in Parker, but you are the only one to send me anything other than a canned response.  I currently live over 100 miles from you, but in CO.  The first date I would be able to visit Parker would be August 24.  If I could come by sometime in the afternoon of that day, it would be great.

Thank you again for your prompt and courteous reply.

Carol Woolmington


Wow!  Your quick response, gives one the impression you’re really interested in potential new residents–thanks! 🙂   I  see you have discounts for active duty military–too bad that doesn’t also apply to military retirees…or does it?!  🙂  Anyway, I would love to visit the community this weekend but believe I’m on travel.  I’ll confirm and get back to you.  If, as I believe, I am traveling this weekend how about my coming up Saturday, May 21 or Sunday, May 22?  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  And thanks again for contacting me so promptly!



Thank you for responding so quickly to my email.  I will be in the Cleveland area on May 20th, I’ll be there the whole weekend.  I would like to set an appointment to come and see the 3 brm and townhouse if you have any available. Are you the manager or the leasing consultant?  I ask because I am the leasing consultant at the apartments where I live now.

Great Job!

Just let me know what your office schedule is for weekends and I will give a call when I get there.

Thanks again.



Thank you so much for responding to my request for information. You are the only person out of 15 properties that has actually responded. Again, I need to thank you for your timely response. I cannot accept any of the dates you provided in the email to tour the grounds/apartment, only because I will not officially be in Denver until the 7th. I would certainly love to set up an appointment on that date if possible!

Since I will not be starting work in Denver until the 11th, I am pretty open to times and such. Please let me know which works best for you.




I have looked through your Internet information and was impressed by it.  After looking through your email, I was again very impressed compared to others I have received.  I will be driving from South Dakota on Tuesday morning (7 Dec 04).  I am not sure due to weather concerns as to when I will be getting there.  I would like to get into an apartment within the day or two after I get there.  I would like to take the scheduled time of 11 Dec 2004 at 0915, but would like to see if there is anything on the 8th 9th or 10th.  If I don’t encounter any problems along the drive I should be there on the 8th.  If you can help me with this I would appreciate it.