The majority of curtains get a daily dose of human love in the house. They’re opened first thing in the morning and closed again when the sun has gone down. While they seem rather harmless, if you’re in the buying process for getting new curtains of your rental property these are some important things to consider.


Of course, an important part in choosing your curtains for your rental as curtains are a large piece of fabric. The type of fabric you choose will influence how well they work and the durability.

For your rental, you’ll want curtains that won’t look worn out as changing them isn’t necessary. You’ll want curtains that function, but it’s awkward as vacation rentals have a high turnover rate. People want to come to a nice home, yet you don’t may not want to buy the absolute best curtains as they won’t appreciate them enough.

Avoid bright colors, as they fade quicker.

In terms of material, linen, silk, and velvet are the standard options. Faux silk is usually the most durable, not deteriorating in the sunlight. If you’re in a colder climate you might want to prioritize velvet as they block light and keep the warmth in better.

Length and Lining:

In general, with vacation properties you want the curtains to be higher as they are less likely to be damaged in this case. The general consensus is six inches, but to add to the height of the room, you can go a couple inches higher.

If you’re looking to give your home a modern look, then you’ll want the curtain flush with the floor.

If the house gets a lot of sunlight, make sure you add an extra inch or two in width to ensure the light can be blocked when required.

With rental curtains, you’ll probably want to choose washer friendly options as quick turn around times may make dry-clean options not only expensive but you’ll run out of time. And who knows, your guests might decide to wash them if they’ve had an accident! The higher quality materials shouldn’t be put through the machine as they can be ruined, another consideration for you.

Off The Shelf or Custom Cuts:

If you have whacky windows shapes, then you might need to get some customization done. The same goes if you have a theme to the home, with customization the possibilities are endless. Off the shelf is always best for vacation homes, as not everyone will appreciate the difference – and having to increase the price based on the customized curtains is a hard sell.

The curtains you choose can make or break a room. With so many decisions it can get overwhelming, but take your time, consider the points above, and if need be, feel free to ask for professional advice.