So you have found your dream apartment.

The location is perfect, the neighbors are friendly, the amenities are great, and the price is affordable.

It seems like it is too good to be true.

And while we don’t want to sound pessimistic…

It just might be.

While we know the temptation of jumping straight into a new lease whenever you find an apartment that ticks all of the boxes on your checklist, it is important that you examine the apartment first for a few deal breakers.

This will ensure that you don’t sign a six-month lease on a dream apartment that turns into a nightmare.

1. Mold Damage

There is nothing more unsightly or more dangerous than mold in an apartment.

Depending on your health predispositions, a mold problem in an apartment may only give you the occasional sneeze, or it may literally send you to the hospital.

There are many instances where mold has caused chronic health problems that last long after tenants leave the apartment.

If you don’t want to spend a year breathing in poisonous air, then make sure that you check all over the home for black spots and damp areas that are tell tale signs or a past or present mold problem.

2. Broken Appliances and Power Outlets

If you want your life to be an absolute hassle, then sign a lease on an apartment that has a broken AC or heating unit, a faulty dishwasher, or ruined electrical outlets.

When you are checking out apartments, make sure that you test all of the outlets, the AC and heating, and any appliances.

If they aren’t working, run for the hills.