“Is a seven-day customer service team really necessary?”—that’s a great question.

If you’re interested in eLeasing Solutions, you want to know exactly how it can help you.

Seven is the magic number because:

Renters Want Information on the Weekends

Potential renters are busy during the week. They’re free to browse listings and make decisions on the weekends. You want to make sure you’re available—not doing so could cost you money.

You Can Capitalize on Renters You Missed Out on During the Week

Your week is busy too. Being bogged down with appointments and phone calls means you don’t get around to everything. By having a 7-day customer team, you can make up for missed opportunities.

You Want to Establish a Great Reputation

Word of mouth is so important. Always being there for potential renters puts you in an amazing spot. Customers will notice and appreciate you. They’ll tell all their friends about you.

You Want Renters to Know Specific Information

A seven-day automated service is an option. But it isn’t effective. Potential renters want very specific information that only a live customer service representative can provide.

You Want to Dominate the Competition

The bottom line is this: being available seven days a week will undoubtedly help you dominate lazy competitors.

eLeasing Solutions would love to help your business extend its reach by using a seven-day customer service team. When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact us.