Small scale apartments may not seem like a trend among Americans, but current research suggests that it’s gaining popularity.

micro apartments studioWhen you first moved out of your parents house, you most likely researched apartments in your area (let’s hope you did!) and found that the majority of the complexes in the area offered spaces ranging from 1-3 bedrooms. You probably didn’t even give a second thought to the size of the apartment because you just wanted to get out of your parents house.

Now that second thought has become an important consideration and because of the efficiency and price of smaller apartments, a trend is growing that find them to be all the rage. In fact, data pulled from 2012 indicates that over a million people in New York were seeking more efficient apartments…in the form of studio and one-bedrooms.

Because of this growing push for smaller apartment spaces, heavily populated cities have been in the process of revising criteria for zoning what they call “micro apartments.” The current zoning codes require 400 to 700 square feet for living. Newer codes may push that down to 150 to 400 square feet.

Who is behind this sudden trend in micro apartments?

College students seem to be the culprits.

As college attendance rises, so does the need for efficient living spaces. These micro apartments have effectively become “crash pads” for the rising number of college students who need a convenient location that’s not only close to their college, but is a short distance from potential work opportunities.

To accommodate this need, contractors have been renovating old buildings and turning them into apartment complexes. Some of these complexes offer special deals like shared amenities, game rooms, bike storage and laundry rooms.

Though these special micro apartments aren’t springing up in every city, they seem to be growing pretty rapidly in large cities.