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Apartment Industry

Option 1:
$3.00 US/Call (Minimum $200/Month)

Option 2:
$2.00 US/Email for Lease Accelerator Service (Minimum $150/Month)

Option 3:
Get Option 1 and 2 together and receive 10% off!

This concept evolved from the need in the apartment industry for every emailed inquiry receiving an immediate email response and 2-3 follow up emails or calls.  Our goal is to get the prospect in the door for a tour.  This service is a sure way to free up your staff’s time while knowing every lead is followed through to the end and creating the opportunity for increased revenue and occupancy by providing constant communication and feedback for and by the prospect.


Vacation Industry 

Call Center/Answering Services:

$2/Call – Minimum $200/month + $50 One time Set Up Fee

This concept evolved from the need in the industry to have a live representative answer your calls when you are not able.  Our goal is to get caller to give us as much information as possible to provide your office with the tools it needs to follow up.  We take the call and forward the information immediately to the appropriate email so that action can be taken immediately. 


Call Center/Answering Services + Reservations:

$2/Call + 5% Booking Fee for Reservations made while taking rollover calls.

This is the same as our Call Center/Answering Services, however we can enter reservations for you when the call rolls to us.  We simply enter it into your online website and increase your revenue and occupancy when you are unable to answer the phone.


Back Office Service:

$5/Call + 5% Booking Fee or $2.50/Call + 10% Booking Fee – $2/email inquiry and outbound follow up calls.

We handle your rollover calls and after hours from 7am-10pm MST and try to close all calls by taking care of the callers.  We are an extension to your office.  This includes replying and following up to your online inquiries.  We gather all of your policies and work hand in hand with your staff.  We can also cover your Live Chat!

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