It is the busy Summer Season

During the busy summer season we often get caught in the need for help and the fact that there is no time to ask for the needed support. Our team has been working for years to ease those issues. Do you want to know how our system can make a difference? Visit our website and you will see comments from others who have stood in your position, then we can talk! Often times a quick phone meeting can help you to see the value.

Our Product

Your properties are assigned a separate Campaign Specific Toll Free Numbers. This number allows prospects to contact eLeasing Solutions, Inc. 7 days a week to book reservations or obtain additional information about specific listings. In addition, the toll free number measures listing performance, rental property demand, and overall marketing effectiveness.

We realize that you are operating as very personalized company. eLeasing Solutions does as well, with follow-up calls and a lot of hand holding of the clients too. We are there when you are not. We fill in the parts of the business that you miss, from 7:00 a.m. till you open your office, when you are handling the day-in/day-out necessities of the business, when your agents are busy on the phone or after hours until 10:00 p.m. If you are out and unable to answer the phones, your calls will roll to eLeasing Solutions and we take over. It’s just like adding an additional employee, but only paying for exactly what they are producing.