prospective vacation renter

How do you differentiate your vacation rental? What sets your rental property apart from all of the others in the crowded marketplace? Sure, your vacation rental may look identical to the property next to it. So how do you encourage your prospective vacation renter to choose your property over all of the others? Let them picture themselves in a perfect memory at your vacation rental.

People who care about vacations also tend to value specific experiences. If you can tap into the feeling of an extraordinary experience before they even step foot in your rental, you can turn prospects into renters. Here is a list of three experiences your prospects will want to recreate as their own memories to last a lifetime.

1. Food and Dining

Dining out seem to go hand in hand with people’s perception of a great vacation. Some prospective vacation renters are known to plan their entire vacations around where they plan to eat. Make a list of outstanding restaurants near your vacation rental. Include the type of cuisine, average price, and any food that sets the restaurant apart. Make a sample plan of restaurants to visit on a particular night to help envision a culinary journey.

2. Guided Fishing

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work. A day on the water is a fun way to relax and connect with nature. Fishing with a qualified guide is guaranteed to create a memorable experience. A guide will know the best local spots to encounter the most fish. He/she will also be able to point out the picture perfect landscapes that are unique to your vacation rental. Whether you are near the ocean, lakes, or mountain streams, an expert guide will ensure your prospective vacation renter goes home with plenty of fish or a fish tale.

3. Wine Tasting or Beer Tours

There may be only one Napa Valley. But did you know that almost every state has their own wine region? If wine country is close to your rental property, a wine tour may be the perfect way for your prospective renters to sample local flavors. Note what varieties the region is best known for and how the climate affects the overall profile of the wine. If wine is not near by your vacation property, there is a good chance that there are a few local breweries. Brew tours is another unique way to taste your way across the local area. There are now more breweries than ever before. And beer tasting can be as complex as wine tasting. The secret is to make the tours seem accessible to all no matter how sophisticated your prospective vacation renter’s palate may be. Also, by recommending a tour with transportation, you are encouraging your renters to drive (or not drive at all) responsibly. Avoiding the risk of an altogether unpleasant memory.

These vacation activities, if described colorfully, can get your prospective vacation renter excited about vacationing in the area. Specifically at your vacation rental. Describe the scene with all of the majesty the dining, guided tours and tastings promise to offer.