When you’re having tenants come in and out of your home, there will be times where you don’t have time to spring clean the entire home thoroughly. What you can do however is build an abundance of knowledge about different cleaning situations you’ll come across and how to solve them quickly. Here’s 10 to get you started.
1. Vinegar and baking soda are a good combination for cleaning dirty ovens.
2. Clean the cheese grater by using raw chunks of potato to grate.

3. Having a solid supply of dryer sheets in the house is ideal as they are multipurpose. In addition to using them in the dryer, you can remove the ring inside the toilet and buff water spots around the bathroom.

4. Blenders can be annoying to clean but they don’t have to be rocket science. Add a drop of detergent to warm water and turn on the blender. After 10 seconds, rinse it out with warm water and a whole lot of hassle has been sorted.

5. Rather than microwaving a healthy meal, you can make your sponges healthy (they’re full of bacteria) by popping them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Magic! (note: it will be hot when you take it out).

6. If you have people complaining about a stuffy room, check the air vents as they’re probably filthy. You’ve got two easy options.

  • Use a soft brush
  • If the above doesn’t get everything, soak a rag in detergent and wrap it around blunt knife. They’re the perfect shape to get inside the vent.

7. Cleaning The Blinds. Like air vents, these can get dirty without you noticing. Grab a bowl and fill with one part water and one part vinegar. Find a sock for your hand and pop it in the bowl of liquid and getting wiping.

8. The Annoying Shower Scum. Find a spare dish wand and fill it up with one part water to one part vinegar and scrub. Alternatively, make the solution up in a bowl and use a sponge/toothbrush and get scrubbing.
9. Help The Couch Look Better Again. Over time your couch will end up with a stain or too and perhaps a distinct smell. Give the couch a wipe to get any debris off then sprinkle baking soda over it. Leave it four 20 minutes or so before vacuuming and prepare to be wowed.

10. Clean The Computer. If you’ve got a computer everyone can use, the keyword and monitor can get pretty dirty so knowing how to clean it (without electrocuting yourself is good). For the keyword, some microfiber cloth lightly dipped in wiped vinegar will do the trick. When cleaning the monitor, don’t use white vinegar on the cloth, all you need to do is wipe is a circular direction.

Another benefit for these (and cost savings of them all) is being able to help out those renting your home without hiring specialists. Not all tenants will call you with an issue, but if they do, you never quite know when you’ll be able to help them help you thanks to your new abundance of cleaning hacks.