Whether you have children or not, you can imagine how tough it would be too travel with young children. To differentiate your home from other vacation rentals, making note of some of the items below. This will definitely reflect positively when families are trying to decide between the final few rental properties for their holiday.

1. Offering Up A Playpen/Crib (or bed railings)

Yes, portable cribs are available but aren’t always convenient on top of everything else required when travelling with children. You can get a small crib or bed railings. They don’t have to be fancy. Functional is key.

2. Providing Power Outlet Covers

It’s amazing what children can attempt to try and put into power sockets, unknowingly putting there lives at risk. These are cheap, have a bunch of them readily available for when families show up.

3. Ensure No Lamps Have Exposed Bulbs

“Ooo, shiny light”

That’s essentially what goes through a child’s thought process sometimes. Lamps are easily reachable and lamps not only deter them from actively touching live light bulbs, it also prevents them accidentally touching them when playing.

4. Trash Bin That Can Be Hidden

As sad as it is, kids are similar to animals when it comes to exposed trash. If you leave an open trash can out overnight, it’s almost guaranteed to be destroyed in the morning by any number of animals. If you leave the trash can easily accessed to small children, they can be inquisitive. Not only might it end up in a messy area, some items could be dangerous for children.

5. Baby Gate

Having an easily installed baby gate on hand for staircases and doors that are nice to have open are awesome. This will allow parents to more relaxed and comfortable in your home therefore likely to leave you a positive review.

6. Tape All Cords To The Floor/wall

Exposed cords are being asked to be pulled by children. By taping cords to floors and walls to make them tidy and out of the way will help prevent many accidents. Leave some extra tape around the house as well while you’re at it.

7. High Chair

This can be on the cheap end. A simple high chair will make meal time a lot easier for families coming to stay in your vacation rental.

8. Toys

If there are children coming, they’ll likely have a stack of toys coming along with them. You don’t need to provide a tonne of toys, but have a handful available and the kids will be fascinated by the new gimmicks.

9. Cabinet Locks

Kids will climb inside anything they can, including cabinets possibly opening up a catastrophic disaster. Have temporary cabinet guards for the two most dangerous rooms for kids to go adventuring, the bathroom and kitchen.

10. Table Edge Guards

Have you agonized in pain when you clip a table corner? Kids have their heads at edge height. That’s more dangerous than us knocking our shins (it’s still painful!). Have a few available do parents can protect furniture edges with the most activity.

There’s no rule saying you have to add any of these child-proofing techniques to your vacation rental. When you do, you have every right to add this to your property description, helping you stand out from the crowd.