I know what you’re thinking when you read that title…“This is a website that deals in apartment rentals, this should be titled ‘Be a Better Landlord in 2016!’”

To be frank, that is an important point, but I also think it breeds a very abrasive “us vs them” mentality, which as a renter or a landlord, should be something you avoid. Each party should want to work with each other agreeably and build a good relationship.

So that means a “Be a Better Landlord in 2016” article will be forthcoming.

Until then, there’s a few things that renters can do to help landlords work with them.

Read Your Tenant Bill of Rights

The Tenant Bill of Rights is a document that outlines your rights as a tenant (I know I know, it’s very obvious).

As a new renter, this is something you should receive from your landlord, and if you haven;t received one, you can ask them for it.

The bill itself lists off a number of tenant protections that you may need to be aware while renting your apartment. Some of the more interesting protections include mandatory inspection within 7 days of reporting mold or that a landlord is require to put your security deposit in an interest accruing account (PS – you get the accrued interest at the end!).

Keep in mind, however, that these rights tend to change depending on the city you live in.

Get Some Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is an important thing to pickup after agreeing to a rental lease for an apartment.

Not only is it affordable, but it covers your apartment valuables if they end up stolen or damaged by natural events.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

You can avoid a lot of issues while apartment-hunting if you take the time to investigate the apartments you’re planning on leasing with.

It’s also good to weigh your compromises when choosing an apartment. Making a list of necessities and luxuries will help you find a place that really suits your needs.