eLeasing Solution, Inc. is a contact management company that focuses on increasing revenue and occupancy in the Apartment and Vacation Industries

Our Property Management service for apartments will add value to your investment returns as we strive to maximize your profits. Please find some of the benefits of having one of our specialists taking care of the important tasks and delivering our mission for you.


7 Benefits of our Property Management Service

1. More time

Delegating the eBusiness of your community to our team will free up your time allowing you to focus on what is important to you such as face to face interaction with your residents to increase retention. It also allows us to focus on what we specialize in – immediate response to your email inquiries. We respond immediately to your email requests and offer appointments to get them in the door so your staff can lease and keep your occupancy high.


2. Peace of mind

We will take away the worry and look out for your online shoppers so you have complete peace of mind. It is great to relax knowing that future residents are being responded to immediately so they do not go to your competition.

3. Specialist knowledge

Our team is smart, articulate and engaged professional’s. It is highly valuable to have a specialist who is knowledgeable about answering your prospect’s questions in the first round of emails.


4. Fair & genuine

We believe it is important to genuinely put you as our customer first. With rents skyrocketing, the widely used percentage fees have caused property management costs also to substantially increase. To be true to ourselves we had to develop a fairer, more appropriate and genuine fee structure. We hope that you see that the structure makes sense and is evidence of our culture.


5. Accessible

It is great comfort to know that we are here and easily contactable to develop a long-term relationship with you. Our team has been in their roles for the long-term in Denver showing the dedication to investors. Whether meeting face to face, by phone or, email you will have a dedicated staff to assist, as well as a backup person whom can provide advice or, guidance.


6. Transparent & clear

We believe it is extremely important to be transparent, clear and to disclose everything. We understand that people want clarity about our service, our process and how the fees work. Effective communication ensures a great experience which is important to us. We also believe that qualities such as honesty and ethics come before qualifications.

7. Resources

We not only have the resources such as quality leasing specialists but we provide you with the reports that will show you how your marketing dollars were spent.  You have endless choices in where to advertise on the internet.  Let us track it’s success for you monthly.

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