To get the best results for your property, you need more than just a way to evaluate how well you’re doing. You need to be able to take specific action to make improvements. ELeasing Solutions apartment mystery shopping services give you all of the data and reporting you need to monitor your performance and measure it against your established expectations, past history and the performance of other properties, companies and markets across the country. We then provide you with the tools, training and resources you need to quickly improve any problem areas.


Keeping in mind that the customer’s experience now plays a factor in their decision to rent at your community, ELeasing Solutions has added a Customer Experience component to each shopping report. The Customer Experience component reaches beyond the factual, objective feedback of the mystery shopping report, allowing expression of those subjective, emotional and powerful reactions to the customer’s interaction with you. This valuable feedback includes a Customer Experience rating – 1 to 5 stars –and is offered at no additional charge as a complementary enhancement to your mystery shopping reports.


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