What if you had the opportunity to hire a virtual employee you could count on 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. and never even had to see them in your office? eLeasing Solutions is the premier Leasing Partner in the apartment industry and can provide your company with all of your Leasing and Back Office needs.

Do you advertise with Rent.com, ApartmentFinder.com, Move.Com, Apartments.com, ForRent.com, 4Walls.net, Apartmentguide.com, and more? Who is answering all those internet leads on top of the ones your website is generating?  Is your onsite staff answering in a timely manner?  Are they answering all of the prospect’s questions?  Are they generating appointments?  Can they survey the prospects that do book appointments or lease?  If your onsite staff cannot answer a lead within an hour, you are missing out on increased revenue and occupancy and need eLeasing Solutions services to enhance your online business needs.

Apartment Industry Services

  • Virtual Leasing Solutions
  • Lease Accelerator Email Services
  • eSecret Shops
  • Lead Tracking
  • Customer Experience Surveys
  • eCommunity Market Analysis
  • Website Consulting
  • Social Media Updates
  • ILS Updates keeping online marketing accurate and consistent.

Our Product


eLeasing Sales Representatives work 7 days a week in response to our customer’s emailed leads.  Our lease Accelerator Services evolved from the need in the Apartment Industry for every emailed inquiry to receive animmediate email response to answer all their questions and get that prospect in the door for an appointment.

Our eVirtual Leasing Services (Speed Leasing) responds to inquiries immediately and include 2-3 follow up emails or calls.  Our goal is to get the prospect in for an appointment.  We access your available apartments and know your community policies, amenities and pricing and communicate with your staff on any special offers that may be currently offered to new renters.  This service is a sure way to free up your onsite staff’s time.   Every lead is followed through to the end and creating the opportunity for increased revenue and occupancy by providing constant communication and feedback for and by the prospect.

  • Phone Follow up to each inquiry
  • Monthly Follow up email
  • Appointment Confirmation email sent to Community and Prospect
  • Phone Follow up after appointment made to receive Feedback on appointment experience
  • $25 gift card to each confirmed new resident and a final quality assurance survey conducted.

Our Staff


Our Leasing and Customer Service Representatives have at least two years experience within the property management industry, and eLS has a rigorous training and quality control process to make sure that the responses that your prospects receive are the very best possible. They are committed to booking appointments and are paid by performance which helps to motivate them in achieving success for themselves as well as our clients.