eLeasing Solutions is dedicated to helping you to have the best experience for the customers coming to you. Through our system we have found great success due to having close principles to your company. In this we have collected some good thoughts as to how to grow your occupancy when dealing with a potential new renter. Of course when you engage with our team we follow the same set of principles when working you’re your next client. Visit our website and you will see comments from others who have stood in your position, then we can talk! Often times a quick phone meeting can help you to see the value.

  • Tip #1 — It’s a Home! Just like in real estate home sales, think about how this person/family will LIVE in this home. It’s not a unit or even an apartment – it will be the base of somebody’s life. Connect to their sense of home.
  • Tip #2 — Know Your Product. You’re the pro. You’re the one with the answers. Be the resource your client needs you to be. Where’s the nearest UPS drop box? A place for a great brunch? Creative use of space in the apartment home? You’ve got the answer!
  • Tip #3 — The Product is NOT Just Your Four Walls. See #2 above. The broader your knowledge of your own property, the neighborhood around it and your competitors, the more successfully you will be able to put people into homes.
  • Tip #4 — Put on Your Customer’s Shoes. Even if they are moving to your apartment community from nearby, they are basically going to live their lives in a new neighborhood. A child’s day care may change, and they may have to find a new favorite Starbucks. This is a BIG DEAL. Be thoughtful, be pre-emptive.
  • Tip #5 — Listen Carefully! Don’t just hear with your ears, but also listen for needs or desires or urgency. Ask, “how can we help you get comfortable with this decision?”
  • Tip #6 — Get Contact Information. No matter what happens, whether you lease on the spot or you have to follow up, get contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, preferred method of communication and permission to contact. After your customer leaves, the conversation about your property will go on, so be sure you have a chance to be a part of that!
  • Tip #7— Follow-Up is Conversation. See #6. Just do it! Follow up in any form is so seldom done, so you will stand out in a sea of competitors. And it’s not an automated response or a script. It’s the continuation of the personal sales experience you had with the customers.