As a rental property owner, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment by going green. It not only helps put money back in your pocket, it attracts more guests and contributes towards global conservation efforts

Today’s travelers are spoiled when it comes to how many options they have for accommodation. So stand out and go green to put your rental at the top of everyone’s list.

1. Keep thing digital

Switching to online booking and digital communication is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint while making things much easier for you and your guests. Think about how much easier it would be if you no longer had to mail invoices, collect paper checks, print out directions, etc.

Plus, most travelers prefer this method because it improves their experience and simplifies the booking process. Having everything online makes it easier for guests to refer back to rental tips, rules, and suggestions you have made.

2. Try Rainwater Harvesting for Sustainable H2O 

Rainwater harvesting is collecting the runoff from a structure in order to store it and use it later. This process can be as simple as collecting the water in a barrel or creating a system to supply your entire house. If you live in a place that is prone to heavy rainfall, this will greatly benefit you.

Rainwater is an absolutely free water source that promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water. Using this method will help you reduce your water bill, provide an alternative water supply in case of emergency, and even help keep the area from flooding.

3. Use a Smart Thermostat to Slash Your Energy Bill 

Using a smart thermostat is another great way to save energy and cut down costs. Nearly have of the energy costs come from heating and cooling your house. Smart thermostats offer you more control over the climate of your home, in turn saving you money and reducing the amount of energy you are using.

They learn your schedule and adjust the temperature as you come and go. You can even sync them up with your smartphone and control the temperature on the go.

4. Set Up a Compost Bin 

Setting up a compost bin is easy to adopt, and provides fantastic environmental benefits. It is the best way of getting rid of waste and making it useful. Composting keeps organic matter out of landfills, reducing the amount of methane production.

This simple method also helps mitigate climate change, reduce greenhouse gases, and reduce water pollution. Your environmentally conscious guests will love the effort you have put in towards a greener future.

5. Install Energy Efficient Bulbs and Appliances 

Electrical appliances account for over 30% of energy costs. Using energy efficient appliances and replacing your home’s lighting with energy-saving LED or CFL bulbs minimizes the exploitation of natural resources. This is a quick fix that will majorly

6. Install Solar Panels on the Roof (This is a Long-Term Strategy, ok?)

Installing a solar power system in your rental is a secure one-time investment that can help you and help the planet. Solar energy is derived from the sun; the solar panels harness this energy and become a significantly efficient source of clean energy.

The initial cost of purchasing a solar system is fairly high, but well worth it. Among all of the benefits of solar panels, you will save you a tremendous amount of money on your energy bill.

7. Avoid Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaners

You will definitely want to avoid using antibacterial soaps in your vacation rental. Most people are aware of this fact, but antibacterial soaps are capable of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They also contain harmful chemicals that are not so good for your skin.

Antibacterial soaps contain a chemical called triclosan. This chemical is harmful to the environment and can persist after treatment at sewage plants. It is then found in streams and other bodies of water and once it is in the environment it is able to disrupt algae’s ability to perform photosynthesis.  

All that to say… You should probably stick to milder organic cleaning products that won’t damage your tenant’s skin.

8. Purchase Organic Cleaning Products 

Organic cleaning products offer many benefits that chemical based products do not. Chemical based products are very dangerous not only for you but for the environment as well. Waste from these cleaning products is often released into the environment and causes an immense amount of water pollution. Making the switch to eco friendly products will not only put money back in your pocket but also create a safer environment for your guests.

9. Encourage guests to reuse towels and conserve water

Going back to water conservation, you will want to encourage your guests to reuse their towels and linens. Washing them everyday uses up a lot of water. You can make a sign reminding people to save the environment by reusing their towels.