5 Types Of Attractions You Must List In Your Vacation Rental Listing

One of the best ways you can make your rental property stand out is to allow your prospective guest imagine themselves on vacation in your property. So what makes your rental property so special? Sure, there are basic requirements that every renter is going to want to see. Updated appliances, beds that look comfortable, living areas that encourage intimate conversations. While many people want to relax on vacation, there are many ways people define relaxing. Here are the 5 types of attractions to list in your vacation rental listing to turn your prospects into repeat renters.

Equipment Rental

Ski rental, bike rental, boat rental, fly fishing gear rental. What is popular near your vacation rental? Is it the mountains? Is it the beach? Is it the lake? Getting out and enjoying the trail system, the water, or just having fun in the sand can involve gear. Don’t make your renters lug their own equipment. Let them know the best places to rent so they know what they can get and make a reservation before they arrive. Bonus tip for that helicopter or balloon ride. You never know, they may be celebrating.


Those shops with the t-shirts and magnets are usually pretty easy to spot. What about the fresh fish market? The Farmer’s Market? Shopping where people can get a taste of what it is like to actually live in your vacation rental is a great way to create a lasting memory. Don’t forget to list the annual art shows and outdoor festivals.


Yelp reviews can be a helpful way to pick a good restaurant. Maps make it easy to figure out how close they are to your location. Do you know what people trust more than Yelp reviews? Personalized recommendations. Word of mouth is so much more valuable to someone new to the area. Don’t let your guest eat at the Olive Garden just because they know what they will expect (mediocrity). Let them have an extraordinary restaurant experience and associate your rental with that memory.

Historical Attractions

So your vacation rental is not located near a National Monument or a National Park. That’s okay, it doesn’t have to be. Learning a little more about when and how your town was settled can give the vacation a little more meaning. What is the town’s claim to fame? Does the town cheer for the high school football team or the local resort’s ski team? Is there a tour where they can learn more? This can be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Dining and Grocery Delivery

Late arriving guests may need dinner delivered in 30 minutes or less. The idea of grocery shopping may be the very opposite of a relaxing vacation. List the most convenient grocery delivery services so your guests can spend quality time with their friends and family.

Listing these area amenities can go a long way towards helping your guest already feel like they are on vacation. Renters are always unfamiliar with a brand new area. If your renter can feel confident navigating the area just like they would their local neighborhood, they can get down to the business of relaxing. And that is the ultimate promise of every vacation rental. No matter how your guest defines relaxing.