“Work smarter, not harder.”

If you’re a landlord, you definitely want to be following this advice.

Five top tips that can make your job as a landlord easy are:

Tip 1—Screen Your Tenants to Ensure Your Working with Great People

 Real estate is a business. Renters are your customers. You want ones that pay. You should always check:

  • Credit history
  • References
  • Background

Doing so is the best way to get paid and keep your rental in tip-top shape.

Tip 2—Attract Great Renters by Making Necessary Repairs

Great renters are smart people. If you don’t repair your rental when necessary, red flags will be raised.

Tip 3—Make Renters Feel Safe by Securing Your Rental’s Premises

Renters want to be safe and comfortable. Make them feel that way by taking a hard look at your rentals security and then making changes if necessary.

Tip 4—Resolve Disputes with Previous Renters

Burning bridges with previous renters can give you a bad reputation. If an issue with a previous renter is unresolved, resolve it before putting your rental on the market.

Tip 5—Purchase Insurance to Protect Yourself

A good insurance plan will protect you from lawsuits, fires, burglary, etc. Purchase one to protect yourself and your renters.

Use these five tips to make your job as a landlord easy. If you ever need some help leasing out one of your rentals, please don’t hesitate to contact eLeasing solutions.




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