Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular.

But why?

 Simply put: They’re better than hotels.

For a bunch of reasons.

Here’s three:

They Provide Enough Space for Everyone

Vacation rentals are usually at least four times bigger than hotel rooms. This is a tremendous amount of space that allows for maximum fun and minimal stress. Everyone has their own personal area and “doubling up” in beds doesn’t have to happen.

They Save You Money

The brilliant thing about vacation rentals is that the cost can be divided by more people.

For example:

A hotel room can accommodate 4 people (tops). The total cost of the room is divided by four.

A vacation rental accommodates around 8 (sometimes more) people. The total cost of the home is divided by 8.

It’s very easy to see that a vacation home can save you a tremendous amount of money—that you can spend on other fun things.

You Get a Unique Place

 Hotel rooms are the same—everywhere.

Vacation rentals are always different. Each one is unique and has its own vibe.


 You now know three reasons why vacation rentals are better than hotels. Put this new found knowledge to use to rent a vacation home or put your home on the market. When you’re ready, please contact eLeasing solutions. We’re always happy to help.